Southway Studio

Emmanuelle Luciani

Founded by Emmanuelle Luciani & Charlotte Cosson in 2013, Southway Studio is active on several levels: curating exhibitions and organizing artist residencies, design and realization, conception and realization of art objects and interior decoration.

Southway’s aesthetic is positive, solar, marked by references to the ancient and medieval past and to the art of the Mediterranean world, notably on the formal level (motifs of column and vine). Southway Studio thus seeks to establish a dialogue between the territory of Marseille, its cultural heritage (local crafts, architecture, way of life) and contemporary art. It proposes to the public a new form of contemporary art, which is the domestic and daily framework.

Emmanuelle Luciani, artistic director of Southway Studio, emphasizes the need for the decorative and the handmade, contrasting with the modernism and utilitarianism of the second half of the twentieth century.