Mara Fortunatović

Born in 1987, Mara lives and works in Paris.

Mara Fortunatović immediately places her practice in the wake of minimalist sculpture: speaking of “specific object” in reference to Donald Judd, she makes his conception of a 3rd way between painting and sculpture her own. Her credo is white, white everywhere, the spiritual daughter of Malevitch and the enlightened counterpart of Soulages.

Limiting herself to the immaculate whiteness of the paper and the surrounding space, she nevertheless invents an infinite number of possibilities and modulations: the white can be slightly tinted with colored shades, the paper can bring more or less transparency, luminosity or smoothness according to its texture, but also to its “fall”, its folds or its curves. Faithful to an investment in situ, she thus manipulates the space that she appropriates by inhabiting it with “fragments” which are as many punctuations, caesuras, cuts, visual and architectural revelations.