Hervé Priou

Hervé Priou was born in 1990. He lives and works between Paris and the center of France in Haute-Corrèze. He paints small pictures – landscapes, plants, characters and parts of the human body…- in which a detail always surprises us, tearing the image away from banality. Freedom, humor and irony qualify his work very well. The choice of the format “is not,” he says, “for any taste of miniature, but rather because, for the moment, it allows me to concentrate, to better control the space and to make intimate objects. You must get close to them to distinguish them well.”

Within these images, frames, framing and lines structure the composition, and are ” space-building elements (depth and plans) and at the same time triggers of sensations – exactly as architecture affects our senses – (tension, relaxation, oppression, softness…).”

Hervé Priou lives most of the time in Haute-Corrèze (in the middle of France), where he “found the space and availability I needed.” Agnès B. has bought several works from him and he was recently part of the exhibition “Regards hors-champ et paysages” (September 25, 2020 – June 26, 2021) at La Fab (Paris).

« Each time I paint a thing, this thing changes in another thing. Then I find myself surrounded by so many things that I am lost in Things. Then, usually, I go for a walk. » Hervé Priou


Hervé Priou was born in 1990. He lives and works between Paris and the center of France in Haute-Corrèze.


  • 2018 / Graduated from ENSBA, Paris, France
  • 2013 / Graduated from la Cambre, Bruxelles, Belgium


  • 2022 / Private Choice, Lignes de vie / Life lines, Paris
  • 2022 / Bientôt, Galerie Paris-B
  • 2021 / Private Choice, Odyssée / Odyssey, Paris
  • 2020 / Regard hors-champ et paysages, collection Agnès B., la Fab, Paris.
  • 2020 / Private Choice, Voyage intérieur / Inner journey , Paris.
  • 2020 / Moins de trente ans, Galerie du Jour., la Fab, Paris.
  • 2020 / La Hardiesse, collection Agnès B., la Fab, Paris.
  • 2020 / Ouverture de la Fab, Galerie du jour, la Fab, Paris.
  • 2019 / Private Choice, Affinités / Affinities, Paris.
  • 2019 / Super Position, exposition collective, Lycée Julie Victoire Daubié, Argenteuill.
  • 2019 / Huiles, Noucmas, Athènes, Grèce.
  • 2019 / Artistes Paysans, exposition collective, Espace Création, Lacelle, Corrèze.
  • 2019 / Finale, exposition des diplômés du DNSAP 2018, Palais des Beaux Arts, Paris.
  • 2018 / Par amour du jeu, exposition collective, Magasins Généraux, Pantin.
  • 2018 / DNSAP, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris.
  • 2016 / Porte-savon, exposition collective, l’Amour, Bagnolet.
  • 2016 / Paris Saint Pierre, exposition collective, Saint-Pierre-en Port.
  • 2016 / DNA, Beaux-Arts de Paris, Paris.
  • 2015 / Maman, Papa où ai-je mis mes doigts, exposition personnelle, Biennale de Lyon, les Limbes, Saint-Étienne.
  • 2015 / Les Noces de Cana, exposition personnelle, les Limbes, Saint-Étienne.
  • 2015 / Muet2, exposition collective, Frac Paca, Marseille.
  • 2014 / Conduite oblique, exposition avec Marine Semeria et Anaïs Hay, le Praticable, Rennes.
  • 2013 / Toranj/Tour, installation permanente, résidence Karkatag, Svilajnac, Serbie.
  • 2013 / Ultraclean, exposition avec Rachel Simonin, la Soucoupe, Bruxelles, Belgique.2013 / Zone Nord, exposition collective, Maison des Arts de Schaarbeck, Bruxelles.
  • 2012 / Domuzej 1 / Homuseum 1, exposition collective, Galerie Legat Milice Zorić i Rodoljuba Čolakovića, Belgrade, Serbie.
  • 2012 / Calendar of Lies, exposition collective, Hôtel van de Velde, Bruxelles.
  • 2012 / Hybride, exposition collective, la Cambre, Bruxelles.
  • 2011 / La paire, exposition collective, le 157, Bruxelles.
  • 2011 / Parcours, exposition collective, la Cambre, Bruxelles.


  • 2019 / Huiles, Noucmas, Athènes, Grèce.
  • 2017 / Almost like home, Bimslavja, Belgrade, Serbie.
  • 2013 / Un chantier au Train Fantôme, Train Fantôme, Grenoble.