Emanuele Ricci

Emanuele Ricci was born in Arpino, Italy, on 22 August 1991. He lives and works in Paris.

His subjects: architectural composition, spaces and the way they are inhabited.

In 2017, he began a research project at UBA FADU in Buenos Aires, whose theme “the garden city”, questions the future of the Argentine megalopolis, in full demographic growth by proposing a system to control urban sprawl and make the city sustainable and compact. He is also leading a reflection on the emergency housing situations in South American megacities within the framework of the international congress organised by Althea International on this subject.

In 2018, he founded SESTO STUDIO, which reflects on contemporary architecture, radical design and plastic art. His language creates projects with sustainable identities that tell a contemporary story, made of tradition and innovation. In parallel, Emanuele continues to work at the Ateliers Jean Nouvel as an architect.

The metal console (SESTO STUDIO) uses a raw material linked to the world of construction but treated to give it a new life as a noble material in a domestic context.
The shape is reminiscent of a facade module of a modernist building. Structurally redesigned to retain maximum lightness, the console becomes a sculptural and multifunctional object.



  • 2018 / Habilitation à la Maîtrise d’OEuvre et inscription à l’ordre des Architectes de Rome
  • 2018 / Diplôme d’état d’architecte à La Sapienza, Rome
  • 2017 / Stage et recherche de thèse à UBA FADU, Buenos Aires
  • 2016 / Echange à l’Escuela Politecnica Superior de Architectura CEU, Madrid


  • 2016 / Prix d’architecture du Politecnico de Milan
  • 2016 / Lauréat du concours Reforming, Milan
  • 2015 / Lauréat du concours photographique Suspension, Rome