Silvère Jarrosson from dance to painting

En Corps, Film by Cédric Klapisch

The film En Corps by Cédric Klapisch tells the story of the convalescence and reconversion of Elise, 26, a ballet dancer forced to abandon her career following an injury. The delicate  approach of this slow reconstruction evokes the sensitive touch Klapisch had already show in his former movies l’Auberge Espagnole (2002) and Ce qui nous lie (2017). En Corps is an ode to the body, an invitation to overcome one’s bruises and to reinvent oneself through the discovery of a new creative breath.

Klapisch’s film resonates with the journey of the visual artist Silvère Jarrosson, 29 years old and a member of our 2022 selection. Like Elise, Silvère had to stop his career as a dancer at the Paris Opera after an injury. It is through painting that he reinvented himself, taking up gestures stemming from a deep knowledge of his own body. Like a choreography, his paintings are a happy mixture between the precision of movement and the random event of the genesis of a composition.

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Silvère Jarrosson, painter in movement

Silvère Jarrosson, Première utopie