Myriam Greff

Myriam Greff was born in 1985 in Nice. She is graduated from the Ecole de Condé (Paris) with a European master’s degree in art restoration, specialized in ceramics and glass.

Fascinated by ceramics, Myriam Greff has chosen to specialize herself in Kintsugi, a traditional Japanese restoration technique, whose philosophy is to highlight cracks to create beauty. When a shard is missing, she takes advantage of this absence to create an image in gold lacquer, it is the Maki-e-naoshi (literally “art of repairing the image”). It is also an art of sustainable development since it is based on recycling and upcycling.

Myriam works on human resilience. Her works are a highlight of the wounds of the body and the soul, of human traumas. Each fracture is unique and tells a story of resilience and pride.