Mickael Koska

Mickaël Koska is a French designer born in 1987 in Marseille. Initially self-taught, he then pursued a training in traditional and contemporary cabinet making at the Ecole Boulle (Paris).

In Marseille, he is nourishing himself with light, energy, colors and shapes of his environment to create objects with soft and pure lines. His aim is to create sustainable, ethical, timeless objects and to promote the know-how of French manufacturers and craftsmen.

He founded his studio and his brand, KOSKA, in Marseille in 2013, whose credo is a reasoned production and short circuit. Pieces are most often made of recycled materials, so they have at once a past and a present.

His work around the cactus underlines what he calls “giving life to surprising natural creations”.This lamp was born after a meeting with a glass artisan from Marseille.

“We design, imagine, and keep the lines simple. We focus on the essential, revealing the form via the detail that makes the design unique and timeless. We try to remain curious, naive, and intuitive. All our production is made in France.” – Mickaël Koska