Marcel Zelmanovitch

Galerie Diurne is a carpet editor founded by Marcel Zelmanovitch who imagined a part of the collection. There are carpets imagined by artists in their Signature collections, the classic and contemporary ones created by the creation studio for 35 years, and those resulting from a client’s idea.

Carpet publishing is first and foremost a mastery of great craftsmanship. Like the workshops of the Italian Renaissance, a myriad of craftsmen assist the artist: the subtlety of the dyes, the selection of materials, the agility of weavers, the precision of chiseling.

Galerie Diurne has developped an expert knowledge of the art world to sublimate an idea, a drawing, an artistic research, to create an inhabited object. It is to draw from one’s culture a vision of well-being, luxury, distinction, and refinement to understand and transform the artist’s intentions without distorting them. It is to offer a way of seeing, of looking, of seeking and transmitting beauty through technique.