Hannes Peer

Hannes Peer is the head of his own architecture and design studio based in Milan. The leitmotif of the studio is the search for eclecticism and high quality design, at various scales, through the study of architecture, historical background and new technologies on the one hand, and craft and industrial production on the other hand. The vocabulary developed offers different layers of reading, it is eclectic and combines poetic vision and precision. The agency’s projects are identifiable by their strong iconographic identity, nourished by constant research into colours and materials.

Marmini II, a stool designed in collaboration with La Chance and presented at Private Choice, is despite its minimalistic architectural appearance a comfortable upholstered stool. It is composed of three volumes that apparently do not seem to be able to stay together, two hard parts in ‘Fior di Pesco’ marble that seem to want to detach themselves from the central part of the upholstered soft padding. The three triangular shapes are held together by a complex inner system to create this very compact and theatrical final shape. Here again we find the interaction between form and function.