Ingrid Michel & Frédéric Pain

Ingrid Michel and Frédéric Pain are two designers, graduated from the École Boulle in Paris. They are specialized in woodcarving. In 2008, they created the design studio Binōme, creating objects that combine resin and wood, inspired by natural forms.

In the field of contemporary creation, where the border between art & design is becoming increasingly porous, Binōme has been distilling for several years a 4-handed sensitive writing, giving form to singular pieces of furniture but always functional, poetical but with a strong identity. Between the generous curves and taut lines, Binōme likes to shape volumes, to work with materials, to experiment with new manufacturing processes to create unique and exceptional pieces, entirely handmade in their workshop in the Burgundy countryside.

An intact curiosity that allows them to explore new territories of creation and to develop pieces with a unique aesthetic that today finds a great echo among international collectors and connoisseurs. A total mastery of their art that allows them to adapt to the most demanding requests and personalized projects, from small occasional furniture to monumental pieces.