Andres Serrano

Born in New York in 1950, Andres Serrano is an internationally renowned photographer known primarily for his portraits and body images.
Raised in a strict Catholic religious environment by his Afro-Cuban family, his artistic career took off in 1985 with his first major solo exhibition.
His work, in the form of photographic series, focuses on social problems and issues related to sex and religion.

Serrano’s works fascinate as much as they disturb. Some of them have provoked rejection, especially in traditional Catholic and right-wing circles.
Shortly after its creation, the photograph Piss Christ led to violent controversy in the United States and in other countries where it was exhibited.

The gold ring Crucifix ring made in Paris in 2015, following his meeting with Diane Venet and Esther de Beaucé, is an opportunity for the artist to reappropriate the cross. This symbol that is for him so ambivalent: the cross is both common and accessible – you can get a cross in just about any shop in the world – but yet, it also carries the weight of repression and pain.