Vladimir Veličković

Born in Belgrade in 1935 he died in 2019. Named in 1983 professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Vladimir Velickovic taught there for eighteen years. In 2009 he created the “Vladimir Velickovic Fund for Drawing” which rewards young Serbian artists.

He was Member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Member of the Academy of Fine Arts, Institute of France, Member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Commander of Arts and Letters and Chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur.

As a child, he witnessed the atrocities committed by the Nazis in Yugoslavia and dedicated his painting to the representation of human body, an inexhaustible field of investigation. In the early 1960s, he determined the themes that would appear permanently in his work.

The discovery of Vladimir Velickovic’s paintings is disturbing: desolated landscapes, blocked horizons, visions of war and carnage form a macabre and aggressive universe, where the representations of the world and the human body illustrate the sufferings inflicted between men.

Vladimir Veličković’s work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world and the painter received several prestigious awards for his drawing, painting and printmaking such as the first prize at the Paris Biennale in 1965. His work has been and still is studied by great art historians, critics and poets such as André Velter, Alain Jouffroy, Jean-Luc Chalumeau, Marc Le Bot or Michel Onfray. Among the museums that own his works, we can mention the Centre Pompidou and the MacVal.

Exhibited at Private Choice 2021:

several sketches, 2 Vanities