Vera Molnar

Vera Molnar, born in Budapest in 1924. She lives in Paris, where she pursues her artistic career. She is considered a precursor of digital art and algorithmic art.

Imbued with a pictorial heritage characteristic of Eastern Europe, she moved to Paris in 1947 to develop an experimental and strongly committed work.
She is an artist who usually resorts to geometry and mathematical rules in her work.

– Plates ” Rond sur cercles ” : 6 plates + 1 dish
Vera Molnar uses the medium of ceramics to create a set that once again demonstrates her ability to play with the ordering of geometric figures and a precisely orchestrated disorder.

On six white porcelain plates, a series of 29 concentric circles are aligned in fine black lines. One of them, the fifteenth, will undergo a random displacement more and more marked. On the first plate a slight shift is barely perceptible, then, from plate to plate, this isolated circle, like a free electron, comes to disturb the wise concentricity of the other circles to the point of almost leaving, at the sixth plate, its ceramic support. This disruptive element becomes the center of attention as we discover the service.
Placed side by side, these plates produce an accelerating movement that transforms the plane on which they are placed, which then becomes animated with a visible dynamic.