Solène Eloy

Solène Eloy, graduated of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art (Olivier de Serres school) was trained as a decorative painter, she puts her singular signature on the small and enchanted world of fresco artists. Solène Eloy learned this technique in Italy and then improved her know-how in Japan with contemporary artists who work according to ancient processes.

With an insatiable appetite for progress and modernization of mural painting, Solène dusts off all the preconceptions and reinvents this ancestral art, offering a captivating work.

She is the founder of  “Atelier du Mur” and articulates her work with material, paint and gold around the notions of erosion, imprints and memory.

For the eleventh edition of Private Choice, Solène Eloy created the wallpaper “Splash“, which allies a multicoloured composition with a golden background.