Rose Ras

Student at the Beaux-Arts de Paris since 2019, young visual artist Rose Ras expresses herself through both painting and sculpture. Born in Haiti, her work is rooted in memories of her childhood: landscapes and architecture are the themes of her first canvases. For Rose, creation has become her preferred mode of expression and introspection. Freeing herself from her traumas through a multidisciplinary approach, she never ceases to reinvent the subjects that have left an indelible imprint on her memory.

In Private Choice’s 2023 selection, the road is the central theme: tires take over Nature, which is mutated by Man and his mechanical interventions. Giving a special place to the subject of temporality, industrial and natural elements cohabit permanently in his compositions.

Her relationship with matter adds a symbolic dimension to her production. The material with which Rose Ras experiments is none other than the tire: created to resist, rubber ends up being mastered by the artist to merge with an antinomic and natural material, made of clay. Trained in ceramics and carving, Rose’s taste for glazed surfaces is readily apparent.

In the Au ras du sol series, the use of liquid tar on her small-format canvases is yet another way of inviting the theme of the road into her work. In contrast to this thick, matte material, the glazed appearance of the resin paint is almost sandstone-like.

The highlight of the selection, Deceleration, is a tire mold in white ceramic, studded with rows of teeth. The German philosopher Hartmut Rosa inspired the artist to conceive this ambiguous sculpture, in which the robustness of the automobile object, designed for speed, is confronted by the slow growth of the human skeleton.