Louis and Silvie Brière were born in a family of master glassmakers for four generations living in their 19th century workshop, where their parents created and produced stained glass. Hundreds of models, drawings, engravings, glass of all colors are a forever engraved memory in their imagination.

The Brière family lived around stained glass. Some of their famous achievements are : The dome of the Printemps (Paris) or the stained-glass windows of Jean Cocteau in Metz.

In 1983 Silvie enters the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris in the painting section. She is now a painter in the South of France.

In 1995 Louis took over the Atelier Brière. Today, Louis works at the Ateliers Duchemin, where he collaborates in numerous realizations of artists’ stained-glass windows and in the restoration of heritage stained glass windows.

LSB was born from a strong desire of Louis and Silvie to re-question their origins, to reunite their know-how, their undeniable complementarity. They created together a piece of art using on the one hand, an ancestral technique of painting on glass herited from the Master glassmakers – it consists in using grisaille for the drawing and enamels for the coloring – and on the other hand a contemporary way of painting. The painted piece undergoes several firings in a 630° oven.

The piece of art is the result of the observation of the medallion which was traditionally incorporated in a stained-glass window as well as the transposition on glass of the pictorial expression of Silvie.