Ingrid Sol Leccia

Ingrid Sol Leccia is a French-Swiss artist born in 1968 in Geneva. Self-taught, her artistic career began with the creation of large format canvases inspired by the urban world, the architecture of megalopolises and African crowds.

In 2006, she organized her first gallery exhibition and met the sculptor René Broissand. She joined his workshop and stayed for 5 years. Sculpture enables her to widen her creative field.

In 2011, she moved to her own studio and her sculptures became monumental. She presents “ribbons”, long steel bars bent with the strength of her hands, arms and legs.

Since a few years she explores design by creating unique pieces or limited series, often inspired by nature and her childhood.

Toootem are sculptures composed of several elements fixed with magnets on a on a raw steel bar. The patinated brass elements are made in collaboration with Maison Pouenat (Paris).