Hyacinthe Ouattara

Hyacinthe Ouattara is a visual artist, mainly self-taught. After his training drawing in various workshops, he first represented human body in a dreamlike, ghostly, and childlike form, before entering its entrails and focusing his work on the anatomy of cellular tissues through “human cartographies”.

His drawings are spontaneous, expressive and question the human being. Between appearance, disappearance, and representation of intimacy, they question identity in a broad sense.

His work is marked by an obsession with the organic and the notion of link. For him there is only one human map, the borders are no longer there.

His work has been seen in Paris, Berlin, Dakar, Ouagadougou, Accra, Luxembourg, Kalgoorlie… In 2022, he participates in the Dakar Biennale.

Water Study is a metaphor around the symbolism of water and the notion of connection between several elements of the cosmos and its infinite materiality. At the beginning, paint chooses its trajectory, the colors intertwine and compose a floating universe. Water links several territories, several people of the world.


Hyacinthe Ouattara est né en 1981 au Burkina Faso. Il vit et travaille à Villejuif.


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  • 2017 / “Travelling”,Centre Culturel Max Juclier, Villeneuve-la-Garenne, France.
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  • 2012 / “Dessins”, Goethe Institut, Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso.
  • 2012 / “Promenade”, Villa Yiri Suma, Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso.


  • 2021 / Private Choice n°10 Odyssée / Odyssey, Paris
  • 2020 / Investec CAPE TOWN ART FAIR (Galerie Afikaris), Cape Town, South Africa.
  • 2019 / “Eyes EAST Bound, Cairo Biennale 13, Caire, Egypte.
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  • 2016 / La Fabrique Culturelle des Abattoirs de Casablanca, Maroc.
  • 2013 / Cité des Arts, Chambéry, France.
  • 2011 / Volklingen hutte, Saarbrücken, Allemagne.