Gabriel Seijas

Born in Paris in 1994 to parents who had emigrated from Argentina, Gabriel Seijas is a young visual artist who graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2023. Having successively joined the studios of Dominique Gauthier and James Rielly, the artist expresses his sensitive relationship with the world through his artistic practice, which revolves around color and gesture.

The vibrancy of his abstract paintings is reminiscent of the urban landscapes he grew up in. The shades find their balance in the transparency and fluorescent surfaces that illuminate his canvases. Natural blue and brown hues are contrasted with vivid, artificial shades, like an electric light breaking through the fog at night.

Most of the time, the artist creates his abstract grids freehand. In this instinctive work, where verticality is omnipresent, the lines seem to perpetuate themselves beyond the canvas. The gesture is controlled, repetitive and meditative. The artist’s long brushstrokes and preferred medium invite chance into the creative process. Acrylic paint mixed with marble powder acquires an autonomy when it meets the canvas. Guided by the artist’s gesture, the medium lives and speaks for itself.

“My artistic work is essentially based on the moment and instinct. The notions of automatism and chance go hand in hand with the idea that each new painting tends towards the unpredictable.” – Gabriel Seijas