François-Olivier Nolorgues

François-Olivier Nolorgues was born in 1969 in Paris. He lives and works in Deauville.

Self-taught painter, his work is part of an almost holistic approach for which he captures the intimate energy of people he meets. Attitudes, movements, sensations, personalities, … He agrees to say that he tries to correspond as closely as possible to the sincere reality of the moment and the person painted. In the manner of the surrealists’ automatic drawing, Nolorgues builds his work as he goes along with his brush strokes.

In his portraits, the pictorial restitution of vital energy is raised to its paroxysm, as if he wished to freeze the eternal movement, in a raw and spontaneous impulse, where the reflection and the hindsight do not exist. One can then qualify his works as a quest, a singular perception of otherness, which takes the attentive viewer towards the intimate mirror of himself, where no one else can ever go.

Driven by a “pure psychic automatism”, the works of François-Olivier Nolorgues listen to the future and transcribe it to the present, as if the truth was somewhere possible to materialize.

“Beyond words and ideas, there is the energy we give off and the expressions that characterize us. They are our essence and our sincere identity, a territory where nobody has never been able to cheat”. François-Olivier Nolorgues