Cecilia Granara

Cecilia Granara often celebrates female body and its inner state of consciousness – mental and emotional – that is in constant evolution

Color in her paintings is not aesthetic but symptomatic of the energy of forms that she multiplies to the point of welcoming flames, animals, nature, creating scenarios capable of highlighting ancestral stories, anthropomorphic mutations, and expelled or intertwined bodies, even to the point of taking positions reminiscent of Yoga or Savasana. There is in her relationship to expression the idea of transformation and change.

Granara reaffirms the universal role of women, through sexual representations that are at the same time free, joyful, and grotesque. Fascinated by the massive generalization of self-care philosophy, Cecilia Granara questions this state of urgency in meditation around which groups of (mostly) women gather, in search of a reappropriation of their own body and its magic.

Cecilia Granara’s painting is located exactly at that place, where the body is confused, when it exults, when it suffers, when it wakes up or falls asleep, when it responds, when it heals. It arises then a reconnection to its intimate being, but also an affirmation of its social and political role, and a redefinition of its representations.


Cecilia Granara est une artiste italienne née en 1991. Elle vit et travaille à Paris.


  • 2019 / MFA Exchange, Hunter College, New York
  • 2018 / DNAP, ENSBAP, professeurs : Tim Eitel et François Boisrond
  • 2013 / BA Fine Arts (Honours), Central St Martins College of Art and Design, Londres


  • 2020 / Lasciare Entrare, Lasciare Andare, Studiolo Project, Milan
  • 2019 / The Whole World Weeping, MFA Hunter College Galleries, New York


  • 2020 / Green Go Home, cur. Rirkrit Tirvanija & Tomas Vu, Hua International, Berlin
  • 2020 / Je suis avant, je suis presque, je suis jamais, cur. Ekaterina Shcherbakova, Parc Saint Léger, Pougues-les-Eaux
  • 2020 / Amies, Muses, Artistes, cur. Rodica Seward, Maison Tajan, Paris
  • 2020 / Masculinités, cur. Thomas Havet, Le Sept Elzevir, Paris
  • 2020 / Your Friends and Neighbours, High Art, Paris
  • 2020 / The Independent Summit : Friendship, Solidarity, Alliances, cur. Giulia Ferracci, Elena Motisi and Valerio Del Baglivo, MAXXI, Rome
  • 2019 / Flesh and Bone, cur. Loïc le Gall, PS120, Berlin
  • 2019 / Nous qui Desirons Sans Fin, cur. Marion Bataillard, Fondation Fiminco, Romainville
  • 2019 / On view, cur. Henri Guette, La Vitrine, Paris
  • 2019 / Nothing Happens/Everything matters, cur. Nathanaelle Herbelin, Onzième lieu, Paris
  • 2018 / NGORO NGORO II, cur. Christian Achenbach, Jonas Burgert , Zhivago Duncan, Andrej
  • 2018 / Golder, John Isaacs, Andreas Mühe, David Nicholson, Artists Weekend, Berlin
  • 2017 / Blue But Not Blue, cur. Cecilia Granara et Isabella Hin, Beaux Arts de Paris
  • 2015 / Full House, cur. Cecilia Granara, Le Cabinet Dentaire, Paris
  • 2015 / Le Corps comme Activateur d’Art Numérique, cur. Alice Bonnot, Carreau du Temple, Paris
  • 2015 / Zones d’Utopies Temporaires, cur. Alice Bonnot, L’Amour, Bagnolet, Paris


  • 2020 / Finalist Premio Cairo
  • 2019 / Finalist Prix Antoine Marin, nominated by Hervé Di Rosa
  • 2019 / Bourse Erasmus, MFA exchange, Hunter College, New York
  • 2016 / L’amour, Bagnolet