Isabelle Giovacchini

Chromogenic print on Metallic paper


2400 *

For the serie Vif-argent, initiated in 2022, Isabelle Giovacchini scans old mirrors, sometimes precious and centuries old, other times modest or fragile, all gleaned over time and from encounters. She prints the images obtained in a silver laboratory on a very shiny paper, with a rendering close to Cibachrome.

The untouched areas of the tint are translated into black by the scanner, dazzled by its own reflection. The areas that are pitted produce a set of shapes, spots and accidents that each viewer is free to interpret in his or her own way; so many worlds that translate, in the manner of portraits or abstract landscapes, the life line of each of the mirrors.

  • 39 x 50 cm
  • éd. 5 + 2 HC
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IBAN : FR94 3000 2005 0100 0037 6200 E24

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