DAS studio

DAS studio is an architecture and design firm created by Félix de Montesquiou, graduated from the École Spéciale d’Architecture in 2011.

Interested in architecture, scenography, design, cabinetmaking and lighting, DAS studio makes sure to apply, in each of its projects, transversal knowledge, with the main desire to experiment with new processes. DAS studio brings together architects and designers, but also carpenters, cabinetmakers, an electrical engineer, and a visual artist. Each architect/designer follows the projects from the conception to the manufacturing, through the execution drawings, to find an adapted and innovative solution.

DAS studio has developed a “minimalist” or “brutalist” identity. Working with noble but raw materials – concrete, wood, metal – allows us to focus on the essential to make the most of the issues of spatiality and materiality.

The Spear lamp was designed for one of Félix’s friends, a Swiss guard at the Vatican, to whom he had jokingly said he would design a halberd lamp for his wedding. The result is a martial rendering of a medieval spear.