Matrix blue gold


Gold chassis, blue velvet


6500 *

Matrix blue gold is an armchair designed around the idea of the imprint, created by the interaction of two materials, one ductile and one soft.

Maxtrix is a steel corset compressing a velvet fleece, giving it an organic geometry. The interaction of these two antagonistic materials recalls the poetry of blown glass, the corsage on the waist or the imprint left on the body by wicker chairs.

The iconic Chesterfield sofa has established itself as a reference, of which Matrice is a reinterpretation: the upholstery is turned inside out like a glove, revealing the wire mesh structure.

  • 71 x 85 x 65 cm
  • Upon request, 6 to 8 weeks delay
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IBAN : FR94 3000 2005 0100 0037 6200 E24

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