Sixtine de Thé

Sixtine works with photography, installation, video and sculpture. She is interested in seeing how the image appears, what brings it into existence. She has often worked with argentic photography in an experimental way on fragile supports such as skin, bread… Before attending the Beaux-Arts in Paris, Sixtine studied art history and literature, which also influences her practice.

Her inspirations include Oscar Muñoz or Sophie Ristelhueber, who address themes such as the face, the body and its fragility, echoing history, politics, territory…

“Quelque chose qui noire” is a photographic project that is both documentary and metaphysical about the darkness that is the result of power outages in present-day Lebanon. It is a work realized at the Villa el Qamar (French Institute of Lebanon) in 2022 where the artist is in residence. It seeks to capture, through the particularities of photographic technique, what is implied by a generalized loss of substance in a bankrupt country, contrary to the usual vision of a country known for the beauty of its light. In the context of an unprecedented economic crisis, oil is no longer subsidised, severely limiting access to electricity. Darkness punctuates daily life so much that it sometimes seems to be on the verge of swallowing it up.

Sixtine de Thé spent several months tracking down the moment of the power cut when darkness sets in and there is soon almost nothing left to see. Working on both scenes and still lifes, she systematically favoured dawn and dusk – seeking the first and last images of the world – always asking the same question: what is left?


Born in France in 1991
Lives and works in Paris


  • 2016-21 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris – Ateliers Poitevin and Mesiti
  • 2011-15 Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm) – Histoire de l’art, études arabes
  • 2013-15 Université Paris X-Nanterre – Master en Histoire de l’art
  • 2011 École du Louvre – Premier cycle


  • 2022 « Quelque chose qui noire » – Villa al Qamar, Institut Français du Liban, Deir el Qamar, Liban
  • 2021 « A Room of one’s own // Les Survivants » – DNSAP, Beaux-Arts de Paris
  • 2019 « Me souvenir de ce qui est » – DNA, Beaux-Arts de Paris


  • 2022 / « Lignes de vie » – Private Choice, Commissariat de Nadia Candet, Paris
  • 2021 / « Féminin pluriel » – Commissariat Aline Pujot pour l’Association Florence, espace Commines, Paris
  • « The art of color, 4e édition du Prix Dior pour Jeunes Talents », Fondation Luma, Arles
  • 2020 / « For your eyes only » – Galerie Bubenberg, Paris, France
  • 2019 / « Salon d’hiver » – Galerie Bubenberg, Paris, France
  • « Coup de projecteur » – Commissariat Guitemie Maldonado, festival Photo Saint-Germain, ENSBA, Paris
  • 2018 / « Des Photographies au Mur » – commissariat de Guitemie Maldonado, festival Photo Saint-Germain, ENSBA
  • 2017 / « Dans l’atelier Poitevin » – Festival Photo Saint-Germain, ENSBA, Paris
  • 2016 « p.a.r.t.i.t.i.o.n.s. » – Le Dôme Festival 02, Montbazon, France